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Bigzzia Folding Recliner Garden Chair leisure Beach Chair With headrest For Garden Outdoor Camping

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    Product Description

    This recliner provides maximum comfort according to your physical condition. Whether you are enjoying the sun and surfing, camping in the wild or enjoying your own terrace, these chairs are suitable for you and your lifestyle.


    Waterproof And Breathable Fabric

    The weather-resistant fabric of the chair can withstand outdoor use, is comfortable and breathable, does not retain heat, maintains a cool seating surface, and does not stick to the skin even in the hottest summer conditions.

    Double Reinforced Elastic

    Double rubber bands are reinforced. The double rubber bands connect the two sides of the chair. While strengthening the recliner, it also enhances the elasticity and improves the comfort of the recliner.

    Removable Pillow

    Equipped with detachable adjustable pillows, which can be adjusted according to personal habits, making it more humane and more comfortable.

    Foldable Storage

    When not in use, the recliner can be folded up so that it will not take up too much space. At the same time, it is very convenient to carry and can be placed in the trunk of the car for outdoor use.


    Step 1

    Take out the folding chair and adjust the lockers on both sides of the armrests to the open state.

    Step 2

    Open the chair support and adjust it as shown in the figure.

    Step 3

    Sit on the recliner with your feet on the front crossbar. Push the crossbar up with your heels, and you can lie down easily when you lie down.

    Step 4

    After you lie down to the angle you need, move the lock ring up (as shown in the figure) to assist in locking the angle.